Normal Anxiety vs. an Anxiety Disorder

11/21/2021 - Resources

Anxiety is normal, but not all anxiety is the same and it is important to know the difference. When anxiety starts to interfere with daily activities, consider reaching out for support. Read below to understand the difference between normal anxiety and an anxiety disorder.

Stress Or Anxiety?

8/31/2021 - Resources

I am closing out our posts on stress management and transitioning to talking about anxiety with this week’s blog post video. Back in July, when I sent out my survey, anxiety was the second-highest rated topic you guys wanted to get more information about. I want to start the talk about anxiety by identifying the […]

A Living History of the LGBT Movement Since the 1800s

6/13/2021 - Resources

Rights for the LGBTQ+ Community have come a long way over the years, and it is important to acknowledge. However, we still have progress to be made and stigma to eliminate. Through learning the history of the LGBTQ+ Movement, we can better understand its significance. AARP made this six-minute video below. “A #LivingHistory of the […]

June is PRIDE Month

6/7/2021 - Resources

This month I am taking time to increase awareness of the LGBTQ+ community, their rights, struggles, and unfortunately the stigma that still exists in 2021. This article was copied and pasted from the New York Times. It provides a small insight into the struggles and stigma that individuals of the LGBTQ+ community face.  It is […]

What To Expect From Therapy

5/23/2021 - Resources

So you have found your therapist and you have a date set for your intake appointment, now what? Adding to an already overwhelming process, not knowing what to expect from therapy can create fear. I want to share some thoughts about what to expect from therapy. Before I start, I would like to tell you […]

Mindfulness with a Mental Health Flare

3/5/2021 - Resources

I want to talk about mindfulness, what it is, how we can use it, and why it is beneficial for our everyday life. Whenever I talk about mindfulness, I always end up putting my own Melanie flare on the topic. I have found mindfulness to be a nice compliment to mental health. I use it […]

Emotions Wheel

2/24/2020 - Resources

I love using this in session because when someone is struggling to identify an emotion, I take this out and it helps them put language to their experience. It gives you a sense of power back when it feels like you are struggling to gain control. Start in the middle of the wheel with some […]

Are you indecisive?

11/13/2019 - Resources

I am really not a morning person (especially before my coffee 😒😴). Anyone else with me on that?! I have found though that podcasts help improve my mood. I felt the need to share this podcast from Rachel Hollis that I listened morning! This one is about making difficult decisions. PLEASE listen to this if you […]