Understanding Stress

7/13/2021 - Uncategorized

What is Stress Stress is an unavoidable reality of life. It is the feeling of being overwhelmed and struggling to cope. More specifically, stress is the brain and body’s physical and emotional response to an environmental threat. That physical and emotional response that is triggered is the fight-or-flight response.   Stress can happen as a result […]

How To Start Therapy

5/18/2021 - Uncategorized

I think therapy is a great resource and support for people. However, starting can be an overwhelming process. I am sharing the most commonly asked questions I am asked when someone is thinking about entering into therapy. Please know that there is no right way or wrong way to go about this process. Do what […]

8 Meditation Myths

6/25/2020 - Uncategorized

Meditation Myth #1: Meditation is “woo, woo” hippie stuff. This is one of my favorite myths to bust!  Meditation is NOT something that is “just for hippies.”  There is actually a lot of research and evidence that shows physical, emotional, and medical benefits. Meditation is about learning to work with your mind and learning to […]

4 Different Types of Meditation

3/10/2020 - Uncategorized

I earned my certification to be a mindfulness and meditation teacher 7 months ago, however the learning has not stopped for me!  I am constantly reading magazines, books, and blogs to learn new information. I started reading, “The Meditation Bible: The Definitive Guide to Meditations for Every Purpose” and using this new book as a […]

My Grandparents Accidental Lesson

2/24/2020 - Uncategorized

During the holiday season I was at my grandparent’s apartment baking Christmas cookies with my grandma.  We were in the kitchen baking away and my grandpa was sitting in his recliner in the family room. Their apartment is open concept, so all three of us were able to interact while baking.  My grandma and I […]

If you Resist, it Persists

2/19/2020 - Uncategorized

I was in my Mindfulness with Melanie group last night and I was teaching different methods of meditation.  The conversation led to how meditation can help with anxiety. One individual shared, “is it weird that I worry about my worrying?”  My initial reaction was “no, absolutely not! Because a lot of us do.” This is […]