Stress Or Anxiety?

8/31/2021 - Video

I am closing out our posts on stress management and transitioning to talking about anxiety with this week’s blog post video. Back in July, when I sent out my survey, anxiety was the second-highest rated topic you guys wanted to get more information about. I want to start the talk about anxiety by identifying the […]

Stress Management Tips, Part 3

8/13/2021 - Video

When we are stressed, our body responds with muscle tension, leading to pain and discomfort. When we ignore how we feel and what we think, we enter into a continuous stress spiral. Progressive Muscle Relaxation helps break the stress cycle by increasing awareness of physical discomfort related to stress, reducing muscle tension, and easing general […]

Acute Stress Response and Chronic Stress Response

7/19/2021 - Video

What I found to be most interesting from this video is that the number of stressors you have in your life does not matter as much as how you respond to those stressors. Before we focus on managing stress in a healthy way, it is vital to know when your stress response is triggered and […]

A Living History of the LGBT Movement Since the 1800s

6/13/2021 - Video

Rights for the LGBTQ+ Community have come a long way over the years, and it is important to acknowledge. However, we still have progress to be made and stigma to eliminate. Through learning the history of the LGBTQ+ Movement, we can better understand its significance. AARP made this six-minute video below. “A #LivingHistory of the […]

Ending The Mental Health Stigma

5/30/2021 - Video

This week as Mental Health Awareness Month comes to an end, I wanted to share two powerful videos addressing the stigma surrounding mental health. The videos provide two very different perspectives. In the first video, we hear from a psychiatrist, Dr. Jeffery Lieberman. In the second video, Elizabeth Medina shares her firsthand experience with mental […]

Mental Health Awareness Month Interview

5/3/2021 - Video

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.  I could not think of a more important time to talk about the importance of mental health than a year into this pandemic.  In today’s post, I interview my friend and colleague Kim Garnon.  She is a counselor in Erie, Pennsylvania.  During the interview, we talk all things mental […]

Handling Difficult Emotions Meditation

4/26/2021 - Video

This week’s post is a meditation on handling difficult emotions.  This meditation is something you can easily add to your day if you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, or feeling sad about something.  Use it to provide yourself with a sense of self-care and compassion. This meditation is not intended to address severe mental health […]

Happy Place Meditation

4/5/2021 - Video

This week’s post comes to you in a meditation.  I wrote this meditation as a way for you to calm yourself by going to your happy place, safe place, a place that you find to be most relaxing.  Enjoy 🙂 

Body Scan Meditation

3/29/2021 - Video

This is your reminder to take care of yourself.  Sometimes life is hard and we cannot control that.  Remember your life is valued and you deserve mental and emotional peace.  Here is a body scan meditation for you to listen to and find some inner peace when you need it.