Stress Management Tips, Part 2


Stress is not just a physical response in your body. It can affect how you think and process information. Sometimes it can feel like your mind is torturing you. From constantly thinking negatively to worrying about the worst-case scenario, our thoughts can become all-consuming.

Let’s talk about what questions to start asking yourself when you are stressed. By learning the right questions to ask, you rein in your thoughts, become more productive, and feel less overwhelmed.

Start asking yourself:
-What is in my control?
-How should I handle this?
-Do I need help?
-Will anything change if I continue to worry about it?
-What do I need at this moment?
-Is this worth stealing my peace?

These questions force you to stop spinning your wheels. Interrupting your thoughts allows you to pause, think more productively and find your sense of control. Answering at least one of these questions will decrease stress because it encourages action. Take a moment to reread the list. Which question resonates with you?


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