Regulate Anxiety

Anxiety is an intense, persistent, and overwhelming feeling of worry and fear. Anxiety is a normal feeling everyone experiences however, when it interferes with your daily life it can make you feel powerless. I will help you gain a sense of control to overcome anxiety. I will empower you to increase your awareness and understand the purpose of anxiety in order to resolve it. Practical tools are provided to relieve physical symptoms and help you adopt new ways of thinking.

Support through Grief and Loss

To experience a loss in your life is unexpected and painful. Loss can be in the form of death, divorce or separation from a relationship, loss of a job, moving to a different city, etc. Grief is the process that follows that is usually messy, unpredictable, and different for everyone. I provide unconditional support, teach you how to identify and express your emotions, and help you find a new sense of normal at your own pace.

Stress Management and Reduction

Stress is a mental, emotional, and/or physical feeling of overwhelm. It often manifests as tension, strain, or pain in parts of our body. When you feel stressed it can feel like a lack of control over your thoughts and emotions. I will give the tools to increase your awareness and empower you to find a sense of balance and control in your life.

Counseling and Supporting LGBTQ Community

Through my office based services and online platform I provide a safe space for individuals of the LGBTQ Community. If you identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer, you may have an internal struggle with your identity and possibly an external struggle in society. I provide a supportive environment for you to explore and identify who you are and who you want to be in your life while fostering a sense of confidence.

Individual Tele-Health Counseling:

Understand the root cause of emotional struggles through individual therapy. I work with my clients to explore past experiences that have triggered uncomfortable feelings and created negative thought patterns. Life feels overwhelming at times, and reaching out for help can be difficult. Through individual therapy, I listen, empathize, and teach mindfulness practices along with emotional regulation techniques to support my clients through life challenges.

I am licensed to work with individuals in Pennsylvania and North Carolina.  I accept UPMC insurance and offer out-of-pocket rates of $100 per session.

Private Virtual Mindfulness Lessons:

Discover how mindfulness and meditation can improve your life. I will teach you the basics of how to start and maintain a meditation practice. I will also work with you to individualize mindfulness skills to fit your lifestyle.  Meet with me individually, in person, or virtual, to shift your mindset and restore balance and peace in your life.

Mental Health Education

Learn how mental health struggles affect the work environment.  I provide education and offer insight into how personal stress can overlap into one’s job and how work stress can affect productivity and lead to burnout.  Through education on signs and symptoms of mental health struggles, I offer guidance on improving employees’ well-being, which drives better outcomes for the business.

Mindfulness And Meditation Training Group

Learn how mindfulness and meditation can improve your work environment. I will teach your business or organization easy-to-learn mindfulness and meditation skills to enhance problem solving skills, foster creativity, improve focus, and regulate emotions.  Together we will cultivate a more mindful work culture.

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