You Cannot Do It All Stressed


In last week’s post, I talked about identifying your non-negotiables in times of stress to help you feel in control and grounded. As life would have it, I found myself talking a lot about stress management in sessions with clients this week. In every conversation, it came down to a very similar statement, “I should be doing more.”

When you are stressed, the primary stress hormone cortisol has a significant and negative impact on your brain and body. Some of the side effects are poor memory, lack of focus, and decreased energy. Meaning your mind and body are not functioning at 100%. If you are stressed, take it as a sign to pump your breaks and take care of yourself! You will not get everything done on your to-do list when you are actively stressed.

Take a look at your list and prioritize what needs to be that week, the day, that hour. Identify what has a deadline and what has the most severe consequences if not completed. Then focus on rest and recovery because everything else can wait.


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